PRO/SPORT Application

Application Listing Notes

CAUTION: PRO/SPORT counterweights are not interchangeable with PRO/RACER or PRO/STREET
Note: The PRO/SPORT counterweight fitted to #34266 Chevrolet V8-400 damper will NOT clear the
Milodon cast aluminium and some pressed steel front timing covers.
* 34262 is not drilled to accept 400 Chevy counterweight #35266
** Fits Chrysler 440 forged crank 361-383 “B” engine forged cranks 62-70 and 413-426.
Also fits Race and Street Hemi with slight TDC adjustments as detailed in instructions supplied.
Will not fit 392 Hemi. For 331-345-392 Chrysler Hemi use part #64280.
*** 34269-34270 drilled for both 3 & 4 bolt pulleys and are engraved with a third set of 40 degree timing marks.
**** 34272 is drilled to suit both Chev. BB 3 bolt and Ford 4 bolt pulleys.