PRO/SPORT Harmonic Dampers feature:

  • Meets SFI Spec. #18.1
  • Spin tested to 12,500 rpm
  • Fully machined from high quality carbon steel
  • Retained outer inertia ring
  • 60° of permanently engraved timing marks (40° on SB Ford models)
  • Pressure bonded elastomer
  • Accurately balanced
  • Removable counterweights on externally balanced models

The Economical SFI Approved Crankshaft Harmonic Damper!

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The PRO/SPORT Damper

Specialist Harmonic Damper manufacturer, PRO/RACE Performance Products, manufactures the PRO/SPORT line of SFI dampers! Harmonic Dampers play a vital role to ensure longevity of engines and crankshafts, and are arguably the most important external component of an engine. Harmonic Dampers protect against harmful engine harmonic vibrations that can lead to valvetrain damage, rapid bearing and timing chain wear or ultimately crankshaft breakage. Why trust dampers from any other manufacturer, when PRO/SPORT Harmonic Dampers are engineered with more than 25 years of SFI damper manufacturing experience.

The PRO/SPORT range of Harmonic Dampers provides race quality performance dampers at near replacement part prices and are available for most popular V8 engines. Designed as a direct

replacement of the OEM damper, the PRO/SPORT Harmonic Damper has many features which exceed OEM requirements! Manufactured to the quality standards you have come to expect from a specialist Damper manufacturer, the PRO/SPORT SFI Harmonic Dampers are produced from quality carbon steel, with mechanical properties exceeding the stringent SFI Spec. #18.1 requirements! Spin tested to 12,500 rpm for one hour to comply with SFI Spec. #18.1, so when your racing needs require SFI certification, the PRO/SPORT Harmonic Damper is ready for the track.

Machined to exacting tolerances and assembled using pressure bonded elastomer technology of tried and proven design for optimum damping performance! The outer inertia ring is retained by a robust retention plate secured by 6 high tensile bolts to ensure maximum safety of the product. Extremely accurate and easy to read permanently engraved timing marks make engine timing easy, and 90o marks simplify valve timing operations (except SB Ford models).

What is Bonded elastomer?

Unlike many other SFI dampers which are not bonded, the PRO/SPORT range feature a bonded elastomer! The elastomer is injected at high temperature and under extreme pressure and is cured against a specially prepared and chemically treated surface on the inside of the ring and outside of the hub. The result is a bond similar to that of a motor mount… which makes it almost impossible to separate the damper hub from ring! In fact during the manufacturing process EACH AND EVERY PRO/SPORT damper is subjected to elastomer bond test of 3000lbs separation force. If there is any sign of bond degradation then the damper is scrapped.

Removable Counterweights

This specification is enforced by most racing sanctioning bodies to assure that the dampers conform to specified standards. While the SFI test is quite stringent and requires the damper to be spin tested at a speed of 12,000 rpm for a period of one hour, the PRO/RACE Damper has been tested at a speed of 18,000 rpm, substantially exceeding SFI requirements.

All externally balanced Dampers feature accurately machined counterweights which bolt into the hub of the PRO/SPORT Damper. This not only provides extremely accurate engine balance due to the precision of the counterweight mass but also allows for easy conversion to neutral balance by unbolting the counterweight, should that ever be required.

Counterweights are available separately which enable internally balanced Dampers to be converted for use in their externally balanced variation, or vice versa e.g. a 400 Chevrolet counterweight can be bolted into the #34265 (350 Chevrolet Damper) which would make it suitable for 400 Chevrolet applications (note the #34262 Chevrolet Damper is not drilled to accept a counterweight).

Ford SB V8 Dampers #34269 and #34270 are drilled to suit both 3 or 4 bolt pulleys, come with a pulley alignment kit and have been engraved with 3 sets of 40o timing marks to accommodate most of the timing pointer locations which Ford has used over the years.

The Ford BB V8 Damper #34272 is drilled to suit both Chevrolet BB 3 bolt and Ford 4 bolt pulleys – note that the Ford BB V8 damper is suitable for internally and externally balanced engines and does NOT require a counterweight, as the production OE spacer fitted to the crankshaft prior to damper installation is counterweighted to provide the correct engine imbalance.

PRO/SPORT dampers come attractively packaged, are highly polished and finished in a durable baked enamel finish to preserve the damper that looks as good as it performs!

PRO/SPORT Application Listing

SB Chevy. 283-350 #34263

Chevy. V8 396-427 #34263 (top left), Ford V8 4.6L 1996 & later #34271 (top right)