PRO/RACE Performance Products sells Harmonic Dampers into the United States, including to the state of California.

The California “Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986” also known as Proposition 65 requires the States of California to maintain and publish a list of chemicals with a known link to cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive issues. Proposition 65 is administered by the OEHHA (Office of Environment Health Hazard Association) which is part of the California Environmental Protection Agency.

The Proposition 65 legislation further requires businesses to provide consumers with a clear and reasonable warning about their exposure to any of the chemicals on the Proposition 65 list through the purchase and handling of their products, or any release of chemicals into the environment caused by the operation or use of the product.

The ultimate purpose of Proposition 65 is to allow Californians to make informed purchasing decisions for themselves and their environment relating to the purchase and use of the product.

The Proposition 65 listing (Nov 23rd, 2018) is approaching 1000 chemical listings, and therefore Proposition 65 labels are becoming more prevalent with many products often containing very small amounts of a listed chemical, or chemicals, which can often be quite common. Although originally conceived to avoid contamination of drinking water Proposition 65 warnings now cover all types of exposure including skin contact and inhalation.

PRO/RACE Performance Products Harmonic Dampers manufacture Harmonic Dampers for the performance automotive industry. Our Harmonic Dampers will usually last the lifetime of the engine and are mostly ‘set and forget’ or at worst are handled very infrequently.

A characteristic of PRO/RACE Dampers is that they are not rebuildable. Therefore there is no exposure to any internal elements of the damper. Harmonic Dampers do not discharge any fluids or gases during operation.

The only exposure customers and users of PRO/RACE Dampers will have is to the final Acrylic coating on the external surfaces of the Damper.

In liquid form, the Acrylic paint and thinner contain active agents which are on the Proposition 65 list and this is why Proposition 65 warning labels appears on PRO/RACE products.

PRO/RACE has advice from the Head Chemist from the Acrylic paint supplier that the chemicals in question are highly volatile and evaporate during our oven curing process. Once baked dry these chemicals are not present in the paint film on the external surface of the Damper.

Therefore you can be confident when purchasing PRO/RACE Performance Products that you are receiving a product that represents minimal risk to you, and to the environment.