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Never too Old to Learn…..

      2016 is bringing many new things to Pro-Race & Graham Withers so where do I start ? Well its already June, yes half the year has gone already….. So what has the first half of the year brought Pro-Race? Well firstly I have had Nicole Coughlin Senior Online Producer, Institute of Online Business […]

Murray Anderson – The Real Wizard of Oz

Outside of North America, the other great “hot spot” for drag racing in the world is the continent of Australia. For years many professional, and some not quite so professional, racers from the U.S. took advantage of the opposite seasons and traveled “down under” to supplement their incomes by match racing and putting on exhibitions […]

Australia’s Premier Drag Racing Champion

Graham Withers is Australia’s Premier Drag Racing Champion from the 1960’s and 1970’s. During his racing career Graham broke every outright speed and elapsed time record at every drag racing strip across Australia, and was Australian Champion on three Occasion in a race car that he himself built. After retiring in the mid 70’s Graham […]