50 years and still going strong – The Ampol G-T Dragster

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Graham Withers won his first Australian Drag Racing National Title in 1966 and his love for Drag Racing is still as strong today as it was 50 years ago. In 5 years of racing dragsters Graham won the Australian National title 3 times, was runner up twice and held the record for fastest quarter mile time and speed on every track in Australia all done in his Top Fuel Charged V8 Hemi Dragster he developed and built himself. ‘The Ampol G-T Dragster’



Today Graham is kept busy making and exporting ‘Harmonic Dampers’ to the United States and currently being sold via Summit Racing Equipment, The Harmonic Dampers are designed and manufactured for racing and are available for a wide range of engines.

Pro-Race ‘The Race Model’ for high performance cars, Pro-Sport for middle range cars and Pro-Street ‘The Street Model’ for lower range cars.


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