PRO/RACE Performance Products is an Australian Company owned by Graham Withers, who was Top Fuel Champion in 1966, 1967 and 1968 driving a “front engine 392 blown Hemi slingshot” which he designed and built himself.  After 5 Years of dominating Top Fuel Drag Racing in Australia, Graham retired to establish “Graham Withers Speed Shop” on the main Highway leading south out of the City of Melbourne in 1972.

As a result of his racing experience and engine building success, the business expanded rapidly to become one of Australia’s largest hi-performance Speed Shops. In 1974 he was also responsible for bringing “Down-Under” another famous drag racing champion of the era, none other than “Big Daddy” Don Garlits.

As his Speed Shop became much more successful, Graham diversified into manufacturing his own line of performance gear ranging from oil pans to shifters to valve covers, while also importing all the major performance lines from the US. During the early 80’s while building high performance engine packages for the local hot rod and drag race scene he recognized the need for a high performance crankshaft damper.

This led to him to design and develop a patented high performance “All Steel” crankshaft damper for the locally produced GM V8 engine – the “Holden 308”, replacing the stock cast iron dampers which were poorly suited for high performance and racing applications. Following the success of the initial application other models were designed and produced for the Chev and Ford V8 engines.


Hon. John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, presenting
an International Peace Award to Graham Withers.